VisionTEN Helps Aruna Labs to Launch File Sending, Storage and Sharing Service in Public Beta

August 30th, 2007

After much testing in private Alpha mode, the new Aruna Send interface and service is now live for the public to try out.

Aruna Send has evolved from a file sending only service to a service that makes SENDING, STORING AND SHARING files on the Internet easy.

There is a more detailed blog post up at Aruna Labs and you can read more about the new Aruna Send release there.

VisionTEN has helped to plan and build this release for Aruna Labs. We will continue to work on both the front end and back end infrastructure for Aruna.

Aruna Send has many more exciting features to come but we will let their team fill you in on those as they come down the pipe.

Today the service was promoted to public beta so go try it out!

Aruna Send New Version and Public Beta Now Live

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Moneylet – Public Beta

August 17th, 2007

We have been working on a new client site which has been a blast so far. Moneylet is a business and financial news website where readers can vote and decide the news.

Today they have decided to move the site to public beta. We will be able to provide more info next week when they do their announcements. In the meantime you can check it out…


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Aruna IM New Release with Web Conference

August 17th, 2007

The team has been busy working on a new release for Aruna IM, the enterprise instant messenger. The info about the release is pasted below for your convenience (from the Aruna Labs Blog)…

“Today we are releasing the next version of Aruna IM. The development team has been working hard to make many small improvements and it shows. Things are working very well and we are happy to introduce a major new feature. Web Conferencing.

Originally, we found that clients and companies using Aruna IM needed to have employees inside their company chatting in a secure manor. That has been solved by Aruna IM and has helped communication and efficiencies within the company. But what to do if you want to chat with a client, a vendor, a temp, a consultant, a supplier or any other third party? You don’t really want to provision an ID on the system for them for both security and management reasons. How do you chat with them easily?

Or what if you want to have a group chat and share some files with a few people involved on a disparate project team? Some people are inside the company and some are in USA and some in Europe, what to do now?

Aruna IM will allow you to create and send a web link to your conference participants, which will direct them to a web page to chat to you and the conference members. It can also be password protected for privacy if you like. And as with the regular Aruna IM, your chat sessions are always secure and encrypted.

The web chat also logs into your history to the server for compliance and regulatory reasons so your legal and compliance departments can remain happy! There is a even a file sharing capability so you can share files internally AND externally during your conferences and chat sessions.

If your company is looking for a corporate instant messaging solution that is secure BOTH inside and outside your company, let us introduce you to Aruna IM.

(Existing customers will be upgraded to the new version automatically)”

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Financial Fun – Gertie Gertrude

August 16th, 2007

Gertie Gertrude is a fun financial commentary that came to us as a concept. The writers wanted to have a design that was fun but also wanted to make sure that the site was easy to maintain and update.

We implemented a blog style format for them and chose an open source content management platform that they could grow into. The platform is expandable for future functionality and the current features will organize their content so it is easily found.

We wish the best of luck for Gertie G. and hope her readers also have some financial fun!

The new Gertie G. website is available now at

Gertie Gertrude

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Vacci-Test 2007 Website

July 26th, 2007

This year Vacci-Test Corporation has been working hard on many aspects of their business. They have made several acquisitions and their business is progressing in both Canada and Europe.

This year they needed a refresh of their website to reflect the changes and growth in their business. The VisionTEN team worked with Vacci-Test to set a new look and feel and change the content. We leveraged the powerful content management system, initially implemented, to get the changed site up and running quickly.

The new refreshed site can be seen at Vaccitest.

Vaccitest 2007 website

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Mensa Website Launched

July 16th, 2007

Today along with the Mensa Society Calgary, we launched their new website and newsletter. Mensa is the largest, oldest, and best-known high-IQ society in the world. The organization restricts its membership to people with high testable IQs.

We worked with them to deliver a fresh, clean and new design that would better accommodate their monthly newsletter format. We also, installed a content management system so the new editor can update, post and maintain the website themselves. The site also manages comments for individual postings and general comments and submissions to the editor. Finally, we did work to make sure that the site is optimized for search engines going forward.

They wanted a site that is more interactive for their members and we be helping them work toward that in the near future. Good luck to Mensa Calgary, we look forward to working more with them and helping to improve their community.

Mensa New Website

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VTwitter Improvements

May 10th, 2007

Yesterday we released a new version of VTwitter (0.51b) with a couple of small, but handy changes.

1. It can now convert URLs automatically into a short URL using ArunaURL. This helps free up space so you use up less of the 140 character per message limit.
2. You can now drag and drop an email onto the VTwitter Zimlet. The first 140 characters of that email will be entered automatically into the message to be sent to Twitter.

VTwitter is available on Aruna Email now. It can also be downloaded for Zimbra ZCS administrators to install on their Zimbra installations.

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VisionTEN builds and releases Aruna Send Yahoo Widget

May 7th, 2007

Aruna Labs wanted to offer several alternative access methods to their new file sending service – Aruna Send. We helped them build a “widget” so that both Mac and PC users can send files for free, right from their desktop and not have to go to the web if they don’t want to. The post about the widget release on their blog says it all so look there for all of the details.

The initial version was launched 4 days ago and there has already been 1000+ downloads of the software. The Aruna Send widget is available immediately and can be found here.

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VisionTEN releases Zimlets for Aruna Labs

May 4th, 2007

We have recently helped Aruna Labs with the development of two Zimlets for their Aruna email product. It integrates their Aruna Send functionality into Aruna email. It allows their customers to send large files directly from their email webmail interface. The second zimlet allows connection with Aruna URL for the conversion of any long or unmanagable URL to a short URL link.

We will continue to maintain and develop the software releases for Aruna.

Here is the announcement of the Zimlet release from Aruna Labs.

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VisionTEN Releases Vtwitter – Twitter client for Zimbra Collaboration Suite

April 26th, 2007

Twitter is a new microblogging and communication service by Obvious Corp. that has been taking the Internet by storm. There are many channels (blog, web, SMS, PC, Mac, Browser, etc.) that Twitter can be used from but we found there was not yet a client for the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS). We decided to build one. Today we are releasing the initial version of Vtwitter to the community. Vtwitter gives the ability for users of Zimbra email to send update messages to Twitter directly from their email in Zimbra. It is packaged in the Zimbra Zimlet format for ZCS administrators to be able to install it quickly and easily.

Vtwitter is released as open source software and the code will be available to anyone that wants it. We have set up a Vtwitter project page for more info, licenses, downloads, source code and documentation.

We will maintain the app / source code and provide periodic releases to the public but we encourage everyone to make suggestions, comments, report bugs and submit ideas (and code) to make it better. We have set up a dedicated Vtwitter discussion forum on the Twitter Community site over at TwitTown. Please direct any questions, comments or support issues there.

There are some screenshots in the Vtwitter User Tutorial for those interested.

Happy Twittering!!

Note: This is Beta software, do not install on production systems. Currently, Vtwitter is only working with Windows IE 6 and Windows Firefox 1.5 browsers. There is a problem in the Twitter API that, when we find a workaround, should enable all other Zimbra compliant browsers.

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