Open Source software acceptance in government and the enterprise

Open source allows us to provide flexibility in the solutions we deploy for our customers and we have been providing enterprise open source solutions to them for some time now. Not all companies however see open source as a option due to many different factors, mainly perception. The fact is however, open source is already deeply embedded in the enterprise and now a days even more so in government and education.

The USA government has been on a “bug hunt” in open source sofware, they have been reviewing the code of 50 selected open source software packages over the last year or so. Their findings so far have concluded that open source code is actually better quality (based on flaws per line of code) than most propriatary software. Not only has the evaluation efforts identified the specific bugs, but the bugs have then been put back to the community to be fixed resulting in even higher quality code.

There has just been an announcement that the initial 50 software packages has been expanded to 200! (here is more info on this )

We don’t know exactly what the implications for use or future use in the USA government will be yet, but can only assume that they are doing this in an effort to embrace, employ and maybe even mandate more open source software in their agencies, cities and states in the coming years.

In the meantime, this is great news for the quality of open source software and for enterprise open source software solutions.

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