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VisionTEN releases Zimlets for Aruna Labs

Friday, May 4th, 2007

We have recently helped Aruna Labs with the development of two Zimlets for their Aruna email product. It integrates their Aruna Send functionality into Aruna email. It allows their customers to send large files directly from their email webmail interface. The second zimlet allows connection with Aruna URL for the conversion of any long or unmanagable URL to a short URL link.

We will continue to maintain and develop the software releases for Aruna.

Here is the announcement of the Zimlet release from Aruna Labs.

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VisionTEN Releases Vtwitter – Twitter client for Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Twitter is a new microblogging and communication service by Obvious Corp. that has been taking the Internet by storm. There are many channels (blog, web, SMS, PC, Mac, Browser, etc.) that Twitter can be used from but we found there was not yet a client for the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS). We decided to build one. Today we are releasing the initial version of Vtwitter to the community. Vtwitter gives the ability for users of Zimbra email to send update messages to Twitter directly from their email in Zimbra. It is packaged in the Zimbra Zimlet format for ZCS administrators to be able to install it quickly and easily.

Vtwitter is released as open source software and the code will be available to anyone that wants it. We have set up a Vtwitter project page for more info, licenses, downloads, source code and documentation.

We will maintain the app / source code and provide periodic releases to the public but we encourage everyone to make suggestions, comments, report bugs and submit ideas (and code) to make it better. We have set up a dedicated Vtwitter discussion forum on the Twitter Community site over at TwitTown. Please direct any questions, comments or support issues there.

There are some screenshots in the Vtwitter User Tutorial for those interested.

Happy Twittering!!

Note: This is Beta software, do not install on production systems. Currently, Vtwitter is only working with Windows IE 6 and Windows Firefox 1.5 browsers. There is a problem in the Twitter API that, when we find a workaround, should enable all other Zimbra compliant browsers.

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VisionTEN and Tiger-Sul launch new website

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

VisionTEN and Tiger-Sul Product are proud to announce the launch of the new Tiger-Sul corporate website. Tiger-Sul Products is the world leader in bentonite sulphur and bentonite micronutrient technology. They manufacture sulphur products for the Agricultural, Organic and Turf markets.

VisionTEN worked with their marketing head to design a website that would improve customer service and also inform and educate clients on their product. The site was built with an enterprise Content Management System to allow their staff to make updates and also provides a framework for expansion and growth. We also provided a new look and feel that falls in line with their existing corporate branding.

We look forward to continue to work with Tiger-Sul on their website and other projects.

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